Role : Composer / Sound designer

Devs : MYline media, BLANKdev

Game design : MYline media, the davestroyer

Mobius is a top-down shooter that was developed for the GeoJam, a game jam about geometry. The optional theme for this jam was 'The other side'. 

The game is based on the idea of the mobius strip. The screen is split in two, each part representing an opposing side of this mobius strip. One side represents life, the other represents the afterlife. The player controls a character in each side and has to defeat all enemies to clear the level. Enemies defeated on the side of life will reappear on the side of the afterlife where they have to be defeated again.

For this project, I was in charge of composing the music, designing the SFXs and integrate them in FMOD.

Two short tracks were composed for this game:

The level track which adapts depending on the characters health points.

And the gameover track which is automatically transitionned to from the level track when the characters combined health points reach zero. 

Unfortunately, FMOD wasn't fully integrated in the submitted build, but you can see how the music works in this video.